About Kevin

Kevin was born and raised in central Connecticut before enrolling in James Madison University in 2000. When the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 claimed the life of a good friend’s father, he decided to leave school in favor of military service. While visiting a Navy recruiter’s office, a SEALs poster caught Kevin’s eye and he decided to enlist in the Navy with the intention of going to BUD/S and becoming a SEAL.
He started BUD/S in early 2003 with Class 245. A back injury meant he would graduate with Class 246 at the end of the year. Because he was a Hospital Corpsman, Kevin also attended 18D Special Operations Combat Medic School at Fort Bragg before checking into SEAL Team THREE in Coronado, California. Kevin Completed two combat deployments to Iraq (2006 and 2008) with SEAL Team THREE (Charlie and Delta platoons) as a platoon sniper, breacher, and combat medic. He was fortunate enough to work alongside many of the toughest frogmen to ever wear the trident, such as Marc Lee, Ryan Job, Mikey Monsoor, and Chris Kyle. His platoon’s 2006 deployment to Ramadi, then the most dangerous city in Iraq, has been discussed in several books, including Chris Kyle’s American Sniper and Dick Couch’s The Sheriff of Ramadi. Kevin’s presence in Sniper led to his involvement in the production of and eventual casting in the Oscar nominated Clint Eastwood directed Chris Kyle biopic by the same name (starring Bradley Cooper).
Upon completing his enlistment, Kevin was honorably discharged from the Navy. He was awarded a number of commendations for his service, including a Bronze Star with a combat ‘V’. He returned to Connecticut and enrolled at UConn with the intention of continuing his career in medicine. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Political Science in 2011 and began the application process for Physician Assistant School. While earning his undergraduate degree, he also got married and started a family.   In 2012 Kevin moved his family to Winston-Salem, North Carolina in order to pursue his Masters of Health Sciences at Wake Forest University. He graduated in August 2014. Currently, Kevin works as a Physician Assistant with Regenesis, LLC in Pensacola. He enjoys using his past experiences to facilitate his work in medicine and charity. His military service influences him greatly as he seeks to actively support service members and veterans in his community. Kevin is happy to have found a home in Florida with his wife, Lindsey, and two young children. Also follow Kevin on Instagram @realkevinlacz Find Kevin on Facebook Check out movie news on Kevin’s IMDB page.